About Us

Didi Davis

Founder, President and Principal, Serendipity Health, LLC

Mrs. Davis has >25 years experience in the healthcare industry with emphasis in the implementation, development, and management of information technology solutions and a strong background in administration, integration and healthcare work flow requirements. She founded Serendipity Health, LLC in April 2009 to provide consulting services for the advancement and deployment of connected healthcare. Services include EHR consulting, system selection, design, implementation, and compliance monitoring for promoting interoperability formerly known as meaningful use requirements as defined by various government regulations. 

Her expertise includes interoperability requirements as they relate to the US National efforts as well as efforts in Europe, Asia, Canada, and Australia. Mrs. Davis is nationally known as a subject matter expert for healthcare standards, interoperability design and strategy for all healthcare stakeholders within hospitals, physician practices and other ambulatory environments as well as for health information exchanges and vendors deploying health information technology to improve patient safety and quality of care.

Prior to founding Serendipity Health, Mrs. Davis was senior director of Informatics responsible for international standards activities and publications by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO-TC215) and Integrating the healthcare Enterprise (IHE) for the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) in Chicago, IL. Her responsibilities included execution and direction for the standards activities and processes within these organizations and their related projects, activities and committees within HIMSS’ area of responsibility. This position assumed financial responsibility, accountability, and project management for the HIMSS standards activities of IHE and ISO-TC215 and their related activities. This included making day-to-day decisions necessary to achieve the approved strategic and tactical activities for these areas within the budget guidelines for both the only large scale healthcare testing events known as Connectathons as well as the interoperability demonstrations sponsored by IHE International, IHE USA and IHE Europe. These activities included fostering the development of open source tools used at the North American as well as the European Connectathon events and to prepare for the large scale demonstration events called Interoperability Showcases sponsored by HIMSS. These standards have since been leveraged by the Healthcare Information Technology Standards Panel (HITSP) and make up a large percentage of their interoperability specifications.

Prior to joining HIMSS in May 2006 she was employed by
Eclipsys Corporation as Director, IT Product Strategies where her responsibilities encompassed the interpretation of various industry integration standards and technology direction with regards to platform architecture and integration product design.  She represented Eclipsys in the Health Level 7 (HL7) organization serving on various committees, member of ASTM, member of the HIMSS Standards Task Force, member of the HIMSS HIE/RHIO Task Force, Founding member of EHRA, HITSP Panel member, HIMSS/IHE Liaison to Connecting for Health, and was also one of the first Co-Chairs of the  IT Infrastructure Planning Committee within IHE. Mrs. Davis was also co-chair of the 2005 and 2006 HIMSS Interoperability Showcases where she was responsible for not only helping to set and demonstrate healthcare standards direction within these organizations but also interpreted these standards and ensured their adoption within the Eclipsys development process.  This included the communication of business requirements to the development teams for newly evolving integration standards and customer requirements for technology changes for various hardware and software components. She was accountable to the sales and marketing organization to provide technical sales and marketing support interacting with approximately 1200 of 1500 customers of Eclipsys. She joined Eclipsys in 1997.

Prior to joining Eclipsys, Mrs. Davis served as Senior Project Manager and Interface Developer for MSI Solutions, Inc based in Atlanta, GA where she managed many healthcare and non-healthcare development projects from 1997 – 1999.  From 1994-1997, she was the Vice President of Implementation for Omnicell Technologies for the Southeastern Territory.  This position involved understanding all departmental clinical and pharmacy work flows and the management of Project Managers, Implementation Specialists, Validation Managers and Field Engineers during all phases of implementation of the Omnicell automated material and medicine-dispensing systems for hospitals. From 1991 – 1994 she was a Senior Budget Analyst working in Hospital Administration for the University of Tennessee Medical Center in Knoxville, TN.  She was responsible for all financial and statistical programs for the departments of Pharmacy, Materials, and Nutrition and other service departments such as the Diabetes Center and Radiology. 

Mrs. Davis obtained her Computer Science Degree in 1987